Health & Environment by Débora Miranda

Talk to Science welcomes you

Since 2004 I have been running a personal blog about my life in Portugal, Germany and Belgium. A blog that became to some extent my diary to family and friends back home, where thoughts and experiences are shared to make them feel a little bit closer to me.

Now it’s time for me to feel closer to what I like and have decided to invest in: writing science. Whatever is said about health and medicine simply fascinates me. That is why I decided to enroll on the Science Journalism MA at City University London. Ahead of me there is a great challenge! I am excited to explore the obscure world of science and bring it back to the audience in an engaging way. Surprisingly, all postgraduate students of Journalism at City University were “invited” to create their journalism website. So here I am, bringing together my passion for writing (I wish I could write in my mother tongue though, but English is part of the challenge – let’s face it!), my curiosity about science-related topics and my hopefully good marks at the end of the year.

As one of the commissioning editors for Environment on Elements, another eye will be kept on climate change. Second challenge – check.

Enjoy reading!


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